Dear Saspac Client

At the beginning of this year the Department of Education have asked for certain information and requirements within SASAMS. The SASPAC Support Team have done well in meeting the requirements and suppling the Department with the information as requested.

The developer and management had a meeting with Ebrahim Farista, Director of Education Planning & Information, at the Gauteng Department of Education on the 2nd of March 2017 and it had a very positive outcome. SASPAC as a Third-Party Vendor is now recognised as being compliant with SASAMS requirements. A letter will be sent out from the Department shortly to confirm this.

As a SASPAC Client, you need not be concerned about the Departmentís requirements, as our Support Team will guide you through the process concerning the Departmentís needs.

At SASPAC we know that at the beginning of 2017 Schools had to submit two deployment reports and a database out of SASAMS. When we met with the Department we will told that 95% of the SASPAC schools managed to submit on time. We were given names of the remaining schools and we done their submissions too.

Presently the Department wants absentees submitted via the Valistractor to their website called the Dashboard every Friday. Schools also need to submit their SASAMS database the last Wednesday of each month.

This is all possible with using the SASAMS export function within SASPAC. By approving the totals of educators and learners in SASAMS, the deployment report can be done and the data can be submitted.

At the end of each term the Department requires that the learnerís marks also be submitted. SASPAC has released a major update to enable you to export these marks from SASPAC to SASAMS. This update includes the SASPAC Mark Book. The Mark Book structure is imported into SASPAC from SASAMS and therefore meets the requirements of the Department. Once the marks have been entered in SASPAC, they will be exported to SASAMS for quarterly submissions to the Department.

Please make sure you are ready for the end of term submission by using the SASPAC Mark Book. Contact our Support Team if you are not sure if you are ready for any of these submissions.

SASPAC updates, release notes and the export guide can found on our website under downloads.

Kind Regards
The SASPAC Support Team

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